Artist's Statement ~ 2017

My current project (2017) is entitled: (Self) Portrait through The Amerykahn Prism. This work, when it is completed, will have a variable finished dimension of approximately 10 x 8 feet (roughly, 3.0 x 2.45 meters). This work is comprised of about 140 small finished paintings (pictorial elements, or "pixels"), most of which measure 20 x 20 centimeters (8 x 8 inches). In this work I explore my own familial history, and its interrelationship with various socio-cultural mythologies of the component histories in which we all participate. My principal project is to visually interrogate the concept of “identity” as I locate myself within the context of an allegedly non-monolithic group of people who are commonly referred to as “African-American.”

Although, I have conceived of this visual exploration as a self-reflexive exercise that takes form along the lines of the Jungian concept of mandala, I invite the viewer to participate as I explore my own narrative through a series of images and representations of abstract ideas that are found (and sometimes hidden, or suppressed) within our collective memory. This work does not propose any singular historical viewpoint, but instead seeks to prompt an ongoing line of inquiry in which I hope the viewer will continue to engage.

It is important to observe that this mandala form does not obtain structure from geometric exteriority, but through the perceptual event horizon of light represented as painted form, primarily the diverse facial and figural forms of a people. Yes, A People!