(Self) Portrait Through The AmeryKahn Prism,
oil, acrylic, enamel, mixed media on Arches Oil Paper®, 244 in x 50.2 in (6,2 m x 1,3 m), 2016-2018, ongoing,
(as installed in studio without media device; shown with 140 ”pix/els,“ 5-row configuration, Cambridge, MA, USA, 11 May 2018)

(Self ) Portrait Through The AmeryKahn Prism
Installation, individual image (“pix/el”) details, all created with oil, acrylic, enamel paints with mixed media on Arches Oil Paper®
(8¼ x 8¼, 11¾, or 16½ inches variable [21 x 21, 30, 42 centimeters variable])